Complimentary coaching

"You’re always just one decision away from a different life"

"If you want to improve your mind, spend time with Avery Mind. Andy Capie, is an absolute master at helping you get into your head and move out of your own way. Thank you again Andy. "

(Lesley Sprung 2020)

And that first decision could be as straightforward as picking up the phone or sending a message to set up your complimentary coaching session with me. Taking that first step will set you on the path to a new reality. It will also help you to to decide if we'll form an effective partnership in helping you find your way to that more fulfilling future. Assuming that's the case, I'm so confident that we can and will make a difference together that I'm happy to offer you your first impactful coaching session with me at absolutely no cost to yourself - that's right powerful, life-changing, one-to-one coaching that is totally free of charge!

"Whilst the world around you changes, transformation takes place from within"

I have an innate passion for the unlimited potential of all human beings, and am always evolving my ability to enable the individual to see this for themselves. My preferred way of working as a coach is to embrace this philosophy at every step of the journey and for us to also be open and honest with each other whenever this feels potentially challenging to achieve. For a coaching relationship to work well, there needs to be a transparent, single truth that both parties can sign up to. This relates to the current reality that you want to change, the ideal outcome or result that you want to achieve, but also to the approach and behaviour to be utilised by both of us throughout the period of interaction.

"I feel sure that you will find a sensitive, creative yet appropriately challenging executive coaching partner in Andy. I have no hesitation in recommending him for future assignments"

(Jackie Arnold 2020)

"The single most influential relationship is the one you have with yourself"

It is often easier to identify negative traits in yourself (guilt, shame, low self-esteem), whilst more straightforward to associate positive traits with others (they’re in a good place, have got their act together, are good and successful at what they do). The good news is that although it might not always feel like it, not only are you the only one who has direct access to your inner world, but you also have complete control over the choices and decisions that you make at any given time.

"The challlenge is often not the work itself, but the getting on with it"

To thrive rather than survive in life we must master a balancing act between work, health, well-being and relationships. Wherever your focus is at the moment, you have everything you need to change your current situation. All the necessary resources to achieve your desired results are already within you - you probably just need some help in getting out of your own way and accessing them. Even if you're not exactly sure what it is that you want yet, talking it through with someone can help you to find clarity


It helped me to make sense of my occasional obsession with identifying long term aspirations and tracking my progress against them by instead recognizing that my “desired future state” may be closer than I thought.        

(Trevor Nunn 2019)

"The way you behave and the habits you form determine who you become"

When most of us set out to transform our lives, we tend to focus on what we want: a change of career, the new body, a better relationship, increased business success, greater balance or contentment in life. Goals are of course important for direction and focus, but what you do and how you do it as you attempt to reach them are what define your levels of success. Whatever the goal, your chances of achieving it are almost entirely dependent on the behaviours and habits that you adapt and adopt. I can absolutely help you to help yourself with any of your goals and desires and have a particular passion and purpose for these three spheres:

⭐ Creating Impact: Confidence, charisma and connection

⭐ Embracing Change: Developing resilience over resistance

⭐ Mastering Mindset: Forging a fearless future


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