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Being Understood

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place" G. B. SHAW

Communication is only communication when your message lands and is received as you intended it be. If it doesn't or isn't, it is miscommunication. Poor communicators consider talking more important than listening. Effective communicators not only pay careful attention to what's being said, they also know to also focus attentively on what is communicated non-verbally. When they do verbalise, they flex and adjust their communication style to build rapport with others. This results in an experience of being heard, understood and valued. Enhanced communication skills support and heighten other key skills too, such as leadership, progressive conversations, delivering feedback and teamwork.

Why select this programme?

An essential component of anyone's skill-set: you can motivate, excite and inspire your customers, managers, direct reports and peers, through the application of enhanced communication. With clear and successful interactions in person, over the phone or via written or digital media, you can also promote responsibility, understanding and a more wholesome working environment for all.

Who should participate?

Our tailored communication training will enable you to enhance your knowledge, build your confidence and develop your tool-kit whatever your role, experience or organisational responsibilities.

Two men happily shaking hands, one has his hand on the other's shoulder

What will the programme cover?

Active listening

Being understood

Conscious questioning

Professional Perception

Communication preferences

Mechanics of communication

Authentic empathy

Building rapport

Being Impactful

“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”  - Maya ANGELOU

We have all witnessed the individual who can seemingly hold an audience's attention with ease; who can make anything they talk about sound interesting; who remain in our memories long after the presentation is done or the interaction is over. The good news is that these abilities can be acquired by anyone with a small amount of encouragement and input from us, an appropriate quantity of practise and a desire to develop and grow.

Why select this programme?

Our presentation skills training will provide you with approaches and techniques that will help you to remain grounded, focused, and at ease when speaking in public. It will enable you to create the right kind of impact with an audience, ensuring even greater success in making your communications memorable, succinct, and influential.

Who should participate?

All of our courses are fully differentiated to meet the personal needs of each participant depending on their role, experience and organisational responsibilities. So whether you are a seasoned face-face presenter looking to create even greater impact or someone who feels anxious at the mere thought of having to make a presentation in front of an audience, you will absolutely benefit.

A man in a suit sat at a cluttered desk talking

What will the programme cover?

Comfort Zone

Mehrabian Myth

Rapport with an audience

Beliefs and Values

The Power of Words

Shaping Your Message

Personal Presence and Impact

Remain Calm and in The Zone

KPI: Keeping People Interested

Being Effective

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot!”

There are only so many hours in the day, but it's not so how much time there is. but how to use what's available more effectively. With better time management comes the ability to prioritise more effectively, and with greater personal effectiveness comes increased productivity and less absenteeism and burnout, so it’s no surprise that personal effectiveness is a quality desired by employees and employers alike!

Every individual who attains a greater degree of success in their field does so through being more efficient with the resources available. By organising yourself more effectively, acknowledging and streamlining your relationship with time, and developing an ability to make the most of what's available to you, there really is no limit to what you can achieve.

Why select this programme?

Our training will encourage you to reflect on your effective and ineffective time related habits, consider what you could do differently, and identify strategies that will empower you when managing your behaviour around personal effectiveness.

Who should participate?

Open to all. All our courses are fully differentiated to meet the personal needs of each participant depending on their role, experience and organisational responsibilities. We tailor content to suit your individual preferences and learning style.

A close up of a watch on a man's wrist

What will the programme cover?

Email overload

Go get organised!

Slowing time down

From 'To Do' to 'Action'

Focus and Productivity

Prioritisation and Planning

Deadlines & Expectations

Beliefs and Values

Being of Value

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" Theodore ROOSEVELT

We are all customers ourselves and on any given day in our lives all make use of services or products provided to us. In the current age of digital disruption, with such a plethora of alternative suppliers always available at a touch or a tap, expectations run high. Good is not good enough anymore. It has never been more essential to be offering the absolute best customer service that you can.

Why select this programme?

We will enable you to deliver a superior customer experience whilst increasing customer loyalty and retention. It will also help you to make a discernible difference when turning around difficult situations and enable you to create opportunities out of complaints. Your customers now expect it!

Who should participate?

Suitable for anyone who is responsible for delivering an outstanding customer experience. Appropriate for those working face-to-face, over the phone or via text-based customer services. The programme is also open to team leaders and supervisors to support them in promoting preferred customer service behaviours.

A smiling girl in a busy office, looking at her computer with a headset on

What will the programme cover?

First Impressions

Conscious response

Benefits of best practise

Thinking like a customer

Connecting with people

Authentic empathy and rapport

From complaints to compliments

Challenging customer requests

Being Progressive

The magnitude of a progress is gauged by the greatness of the sacrifice that it requires."


Challenging or difficult conversations often involve a significant degree of emotional management or regulation and require a heightened ability to communicate in a sensitive way if we are to make the outcomes progressive. The subject matter could be:

  • performance or behavioural issues
  • personal problems or challenges
  • customer complaints
  • colleague grievances
  • delivering redundancy notices
  • communication style or personality clashes

Conflict exists in all organisations and across all societies. It affects performance, morale, levels of effectiveness and the customer experience. With this in mind it is essential that we develop an ability to manage conflict in the workplace, within ourselves and between ourselves and our customers or stakeholders.

Why select this programme?

We will help you to understand what causes conflict and acknowledge how you particularly respond to it. After spending time with us, you will be better equipped to transform those difficult conversations into progressive interactions with customers, clients or colleagues alike.

Who should participate?

This programme is aimed at anyone who has to manage or undertake difficult or challenging conversations whether with customers, clients or colleagues.

A man and a woman looking at the same laptop, in front of a big window

What will the programme cover?

Fight, flight or right?

Amicable Outcomes

Robust relationships

Choosing how to respond

Paving the way to resolution

Concern, Influence & Control

The Progressive Path

Transactional Analysis

Being Resilient

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” - Chinese Proverb

Even the smallest amount of positive focus helps to ease tension. A regular focus on relaxation and positivity actually alters the brain’s neural pathways, making you more resilient to stress and boosting your ability to cope. This in turn leads to significantly better levels of concentration, improved productivity and enhanced job satisfaction. A lack of resilience can often lead to unhealthy quantities of stress and anxiety that can limit performance and be damaging to your wellbeing.

Why select this programme?

We will help you to explore mindfulness techniques that relax the breath, the body and the mind that can also be adapted for use when time is limited and an immediate impact is required. Learn practical ways to bring about a state of relaxation in yourself, that will help you to counter conflict-induced anxiety, whilst minimising negative impacts.

Who should participate?

Everyone can find considerable benefit from developing their resilience, though what works for one individual doesn't always work for everyone. All our courses are fully differentiated to meet the personal needs of each participant.

Close up of a white feather floating above a man's hand

What will the programme cover?

Letting go of tension

Right here, right now

The relaxation response

Successful Stress Management

Influence and control

The Power of Positive Thought

Work/Life Balance

Reflecting & Re-framing

'Being' better at what you do...

Perception, awareness and the ability to flex are all key in becoming a great communicator. Click to find out more..

Progressive interactions mean for more robust relationships with both your customers and colleagues alike..

Create the right kind of impact with an audience & your presentations will be memorable, succinct, and influential..

In today's world good isn't good enough anymore, so just how do you deliver an outstanding customer experience..

Through self-discipline and more effective organisation you can make much more of what time is available..

Relaxation and positivity can help build resilience to stress and develop the  ability to self-manage and perform..

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