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All our workshops can be adapted to suit you, your organisation and the current restrictions

Perception, awareness and the ability to flex are all key in achieving great communication. Click to find out more..

Progressive communication mean for more robust relationships with both your customers and colleagues alike..

Communicate the right impact with an audience & your presentation will be memorable, succinct, and influential..

In today's world good isn't good enough anymore, so just how do you deliver an outstanding customer service..

Through self-discipline and more effective organisation you can make much more of what time is available..

Relaxation and positivity can help build resilience to stress and develop the  ability to self-manage and perform..

Andy Capie engaging  participants on Avery Mind Programme

'Being' even better

The majority of people tend to be very good at 'talking' about intentions and working out what they need to be 'doing' in order to achieve the results they desire. Avery Mind firmly believes that we are actually all defined by our behaviour. So to be even better at what you do, you need to change the way you behave. You're a human 'being' after all.

Andy Capie talking to future leaders on Avery Mind Programme

"You’re always just one decision away from a different life"

We don't offer tick-box, people-development solutions.  There is no 'one size fits all' approach. The Avery MInd style is to be constantly focussed on finding the balance of challenge and support that's right for each client and every participant. Our ethos is to always be transparent and authentic. Our outlook is to frame problems or issues as challenges or opportunities. Our goal at every step is always to be facilitating genuine, life-changing, transformation.

Andy Capie - founder

Headshot of Andy Capie, founder of Avery Mind

Leadership, communication, collaboration, and personal effectiveness

These are some of the most sought after soft skills across all sectors today. The challenge in acquiring them is that you have to want to change in order to learn and grow, and that you also have to invest both in terms of time and resource. Hence why soft skills are often amongst the hardest to develop. However, with focus & resolve, alongside a sufficient period of practise, they can be acquired by anyone.

Forward-thinking approach to training, development & mind-set mastery infographic: dynamic delivery, compelling content, transferable learning

Some recent participants' comments...

The training significantly exceeded my expectations. I have received much more than I thought I would. Rather than information, I have received a new perspective.  Thank you Avery Mind.

If you want to improve your mind, spend time with Avery Mind. Andy Capie is an absolute master at helping you get into your head and move out of your own way. Thank you again Andy.

 I have been taken aback by the depth of “take-on” from a couple of members of my team in particular. This is particularly important for me as my team are mostly relatively new to me. Thank you.

Tomorrow's skills, today

Emotional Intelligence

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion. — Dale Carnegie

Awareness, motivation, empathy and communication are the cornerstones of emotional intelligence. Each one of these qualities is essential in today's world. In fact they are more important than ever before, and will become even more crucial as automation and Ai gather pace. People with well developed emotional intelligence work more effectively alongside each other, are consistently more productive, & much more likely to be engaged.

How much would you benefit from a more efficient, productive and engaged team?

Emotional intelligence infographic: enhance skill-set, adjust behaviours, improve results

Re-focus and re-frame in these times of uncertainty

Rather than solely thinking of this period of time as something to endure, here's to thriving and not just surviving...

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