Being Understood

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place

  - George Bernard SHAW

Communication is only communication when your message lands and is received as you intended it be. If it doesn't or isn't, it is miscommunication. Poor communicators consider talking more important than listening. Effective communicators not only pay careful attention to what's being said, they also know to also focus attentively on what is communicated non-verbally. When they do verbalise, they flex and adjust their communication style to build rapport with others. This results in an experience of being heard, understood and valued. Enhanced communication skills support and heighten other key skills too, such as leadership, progressive conversations, delivering feedback and teamwork.

Why select this programme?

An essential component of anyone's skill-set: we can motivate, excite and inspire our customers, managers, direct reports and peers, through the application of enhanced communication. With clear and successful interactions in person, over the phone or via written or digital media, we can also promote responsibility, understanding and a more wholesome working environment for all.

Who should participate?

Our tailored communication training enables you to enhance your knowledge, build your confidence and develop your tool-kit whatever your role, experience or organisational responsibilities.

Two men happily shaking hands, one has his hand on the other's shoulder

Potential areas of exploration:

Active listening

Being understood

Conscious questioning

Professional Perception

Communication preferences

Mechanics of communication

Authentic empathy

Building rapport

'Being' even better...

Here are some of our popular courses and workshops that can all be adapted to suit you or your organisation

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Progressive interactions mean for more robust relationships with both your customers and colleagues alike..

Create the right kind of impact with an audience & your presentations will be memorable, succinct, and influential..

In today's world good isn't good enough anymore, so just how do you deliver an outstanding customer experience..

Through self-discipline and more effective organisation you can make much more of what time is available..

Relaxation and positivity can help build resilience to stress and develop the  ability to self-manage and perform..

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