Being Impactful

People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.


We have all witnessed the individual who can seemingly hold an audience's attention with ease; who can make anything they talk about sound interesting; who remain in our memories long after the presentation is done or the interaction is over. The good news is that these abilities can be acquired by anyone with a small amount of encouragement and input from us, an appropriate quantity of practise and a desire to develop and grow.

Why select this programme?

Our presentation skills training will provide you with approaches and techniques that will help you to remain grounded, focused, and at ease when speaking in public. It will enable you to create the right kind of impact with an audience, ensuring even greater success in making your communications memorable, succinct, and influential.

Who should participate?

All of our courses are fully differentiated to meet the personal needs of each participant depending on their role, experience and organisational responsibilities. So whether you are a seasoned face-face presenter looking to create even greater impact or someone who feels anxious at the mere thought of having to make a presentation in front of an audience, you will absolutely benefit.

A man in a suit sat at a cluttered desk talking

Potential areas of exploration

Comfort Zone

Mehrabian Myth

Rapport with an audience

Beliefs and Values

The Power of Words

Shaping Your Message

Personal Presence and Impact

Remain Calm and in The Zone

KPI: Keeping People Interested

'Being' even better...

Here are some of our popular courses and workshops that can all be adapted to suit you or your organisation

Perception, awareness and the ability to flex are all key in becoming a great communicator. Click to find out more..

Progressive interactions mean for more robust relationships with both your customers and colleagues alike..

Create the right kind of impact with an audience & your presentations will be memorable, succinct, and influential..

In today's world good isn't good enough anymore, so just how do you deliver an outstanding customer experience..

Through self-discipline and more effective organisation you can make much more of what time is available..

Relaxation and positivity can help build resilience to stress and develop the  ability to self-manage and perform..

What challenges are you or your organisation facing?
What outcomes do you want to achieve this year? This month? Today?
Whatever is on your mind, we’d love to start a conversation with you.
Who knows what might come of it?